Top 10 (or so) cards of 2013 - and a special surprise card that I forgot to blog!

Happy New Year everyone. Gosh, I am really looking forward to a new year. This one has been a doozey to say the least. I am very please it is going to be over in a little more than an hour!

I am borrowing this idea from my friend Louise who has just posted her top 10 cards for the year. 
I forgot all about it this year but then was inspired by the amazing creations from Louise - go and check them out, they are just far too stunning for words!  But don't forget to come back and look at mine though ;) 

While I was going through my hard drive looking at photos, I stumbled across a card I made back in April for a friend. Its a wedding card and it took me days to make, it turned out beautiful, but I didn't blog it for some reason? Very odd... but I've added it to the end of this post as well so if you make it to the end, check it out!

So first - my top 10....

#1 - January - my first card of the new year. 
This card was actually published in Australian Cardmaking and Stamping magazine. 

#2 - January - I really did like this collection haha. This stamp is still a favourite. 

#3 - moving into February. This is a card I made while I was GDT for The Ribbon Girl

#4 - An oldie but a goodie, Ladybird Tilda

#5 - A birthday card for a close friend

#6 - a mix of a Magnolia image and a LOTV background, I love how this turned out

#7 - a Boys birthday card for a little friend of my boys'

#8 - a birthday card for a little friend of my son's

#9 - a gorgeous Make It Crafty stamp - Pheobe

#10 - my first Christmas card of the year. 
This card is now in the good hands of Gina, a fellow Maggie fan.

#11 - oops, one more than I was supposed to have! 
But I love this stamp from LOTV so I had to include it in the top cards of the year. 

And now for the card that I forgot to blog! I am so surprised that I didnt blog this... 
My work colleague and friend was married in March this year and I made this card for her and her new husband. The whole office needed to write on the inside so it had to have a lot of space, but I didnt want to create a massive card, so this is the result:

After some of my work colleagues saw it I received a few orders, lol. Its always nice to be able to share something handmade with people who appreciate it. 
This card was a labour of love, the colouring alone took a couple of days. 

I hope you like the little selection I've put together for you. 
There is only an hour or so until 2014 to go and I am going to spend it doing what I do best - making a card.

I hope 2014 is everything you want it to be