To buy or not to buy... new sewing machine?

Hi bloggy friends... 
I have been pondering for the last few days whether or not to buy a new sewing machine.  
This is not a question of whether or not my current machine is at its end, or even a question of whether or not I actually need a new machine!  
It is a question of whether or not I indulge in a little impulse shopping as a late Christmas pressie...just for me...  

The sewing machine I have is a Brother Star 110. Is it a good machine - yes, it is. I do love it. It is my first sewing machine and it has done many kilometres of stitching for me over the last 8-9 years. We've made clothing, curtains and quilts together along with it's most recent feat, stitching on my cards. 
It isn't a fancy machine. It is quite basic and really an entry level machine. But it has always done as I wanted... 

But this week I came across this beauty....

It is a Singer 160th Anniversary special machine. 

And it is currently on sale... 

So now I have to decide - it is an impulsive move to trade in my old faithful Brother for this magnificent electronic push button beauty? 
I don't really know a lot about the Singer brand in recent times. I know it has a long and proud history and my Grandmother's first machine was a Singer sewing machine. It is currently sitting in my parents' house. 

So my Crafty blogging friends - some questions....
Do you have a Singer sewing machine? 
Do you love it?
Do you have another brand of sewing machine that you just love that you think I should investigate a little prior to racing to the store to bring this baby home with me?

I would seriously love some help here and would love to read your comments on the subject.  
It is lucky for me that it is Australia Day here and so none of the stores are open or I would be in there right now :o) 


  1. Oh my word Kylie.....if I had the opportunity to buy this gorgeous machine, I wouldnt even think twice. I got my first sewing machine last Xmas, its not a singer sadly. But definitely, buy, buy, buy this machine. Singer is definitely the brand of machine to go for. They last a fact a few lifetimes. I'd buy it in a heartbeat if I could. Im a terrible enabler arent I?! Lee x

  2. Hey Kylie!! I don't have a machine because I don't have room for it but the next house we buy I am definitely having a room big enough to have one sit on it's own desk and always be set up. IN saying that, I have heard that Singer is a very good product. I think you deserve something new so go for it!!

  3. My first machne was a singer, but very basic,now I have an Elna Contessa 460 which has carried me through many years too, old it may be, but has all the fancy stitches, and a few bells and whistles too...good luck, and go for it.

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  4. Buy it, buy it, buy it! OMG I love it, Singer is the best!

  5. Kylie,

    I've had my Singer for 20 years and it's still just as wonderful as it was the first day! If you can afford to spoil yourself then go for it, girl!

    Snoopy :D

  6. only one answer to whether you shoud buy it .......YES YES YES singers are the best this one looks amazing go get it !!!
    hugs sara x x x

  7. My mother had a Singer that lasted a lifetime!!!!!
    She is now 92 years old and doesn't sew anymore and I gave it away!!! I should have kept it for my cards....darn!!!!

  8. Ooooooh I can see why you'd be tempted hun - it's so vintagey looking - I want one now LOL! I don't have a Singer but my Mum used to work as a seamstress and has only ever had two sewing machines - both Singers (she still has the second) and swears by them and won't have another brand! x

  9. I have a singer and absolutely love it,

  10. Now it's a question you really NEED a new machine?? You have to balance out whether to spend your monies on one...or....spend it on Card Crafting things??? I have a Jones/Brother which I have had 30 years and MIL loves her singer that she as had for 50 years it was even change over to electric from peddle lol.
    One to really sleep on sweetie.

  11. I was lucky enough to get my grandmother's old Elna, works wonderfully, I love it and feel so lucky to have it. I am not sure about Singer's quality now a days, I know they use to be wonderful, but I also that the quality of everything is not what it use to be, even in the best brands sadly. I know a lot of girls use the Janome Sew Mini for their cards. I guess I just suggest doing a lot of research. :)

  12. How cool would it be to own a machine like that ♥♥♥

  13. WOW. Thank you so much Jane for allowing me to win this wonderful stamp and special thanks to Kylie for offering it as candy. I am so thrilled xx


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