On the first day of Christmas..... (photo heavy)

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Can you believe that it is already December? OMG! Where did this year go?  Earlier this week the boys and I started decorating our house for Christmas. Usually our tree is covered in gold and silver ornaments, but this year I thought it would be more fun for the boys to make our decorations together and have more of a handmade kids tree. The boys are at the most wonderful age :o)

We started off on Monday with a large packet of Fimo, some cookie cutters and some embossing folders.

Jarred in particular had a ball playing with the Fimo. We now have some cute little white Christmas trees, Gingerbread men and Bells.


Something else I've been meaning to do for a little while is to make some gingham decorations.

Oops - my little birdie started off with TWO legs, lol.... Booooyyysss!!!!

And then came the extra fun part - putting the tree up! We had a terrific morning, the boys were enthralled.

And finally, the finished tree (I redistributed some of the decorations when they weren't looking hehehe) and a couple of very excited little boys.

Oh - and every event has to end with the boys wrestling. Gosh they're funny little guys. 

So that was the start of our week :o) It was loads of fun and I can't wait to do more! Christmas is for the kids after all.

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  1. Hehehe! your boys are just so cute and I had to laugh at them wrestling there at the end! Looks like they loved it and the decorations look gorgeous! We put our tree up yesterday too (and I rearranged when they weren't looking too LOL) big hugs! Jane xxx

  2. What a fantastic thing to see.I love to see children involved in making things.Great decorations and I bet it kept them amused for hours.Thanks for sharing your pics.Love it.Hugs Debbie x

  3. Lovely photo's! It's always fun to do things with the kids, especially this time of the year.
    First we will celabrate Sinterklaas and after that all the christmas-fun can start! Looking forward to it.

    groetjes, Ellen

  4. The boys loved to decorate the tree, thats obvious!! Great job...

    Grettings, Toos

  5. How much fun! Decorating the tree with your children and letting them make ornaments, lovely! Hugs, Hanneke

  6. Love the pics, and I'm moving in, your house looks so comfy and the boys are adorable!

  7. I love these little boys - I want them!! They are adorable and so happy. of course your art work is always very good -BUT- those boys are awesome!

  8. Hi Kylie, gosh you already have your tree up! I'm no where near that far. Here in the Netherlands we celebrate Sinterklaas first which is on Dec. 5th. Only after he has left for Spain can we put op our trees. Those boys are so cute!! Hugs, Frea

  9. Aww how lovely, it's what christmas is all about, bless them.
    Teresa xx

  10. Great photos! Love your Christmas tree!! The kidsa re so funny decorating it)) Love this inspiration!

  11. Looks like fun hun, lovely to see such happy piccies, and the tree decorations are brill too, hugs liz xx

  12. Awwww look, arent your boys the cutest. Love the wee decorations and your tree looks beautiful. The boys look so excited. Lee x


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