21 September 2011


Hi there :o)  I thought I would involve you all in a conversation that we've been having in our house for a few weeks now....it revolves around the topic of those adorable fluffy animals - Alpacas. 

When we move to our new place 'in the bush', I would love to fulfil a dream that I've had since school - to have a herd of alpacas. My hubby isn't so keen ;o)  He doesn't want the responsibility.

I just don't know how he can resist this adorable face!

I've been researching these cute darlings and they seem like they are quite an easy animal to have on a property.

So my question to you all - does anyone who reads my blog keep alpacas? I would love to hear from you if you do! How much care to they really require? Please help me make my case so I can adopt some of these adorable animals into my family.

Have a great day!
Hugs x


  1. Like you Kylie, I have always wanted alpacas...I live on a farm and have lots of room, but my husband wasn't keen on it either!!!! Such a sweet face.....how can you possibly resist??????
    If you decide to go into this venture, I will be looking forward to updates of your experiences with those beautiful creatures!!! How exciting!

  2. Hi sweetie!
    Well, I can't say I keep Alpackas! ;) Lol!
    But..I must say that little one is adorable :) Who could resist? :)

  3. Hi Kylie,

    They are adorable! That fuzzy little face it just too cute!!! He actually looks a bit like a Dr. Seuss character :-) I've always dreamed of having a farm full of animals too. Best of luck to you. I hope you get your way!


  4. Well, that face is darn cute but I do not have the room for alpacas but I have a friend who keeps them (here in Derbyshire, UK). If you wish I could always ask her or even better - get her e-mail address if you want. I know she has them cut in May.

    Hugs, Mette

  5. My word hes adorable no wonder you want to keep them!!!!

    Will keep everything crossed for your dream to come true!! Chanelle xxx

  6. My sister has alpacas. If you'd like her email, just let me know. :)

  7. Don´t keep alpackas either, but keep him! He's too cute to let anybode else take him...

  8. Hey there, my in-laws have tons of llamas and one little alpaca! They seem very easy to take card of, especially if you have lots of property. Their problem is they have only 5 acres for 20 or so animals, so they're always buying hay for the winter and sometimes even the summer. This is in Canada, though. They are very cute, and loooooove kids! Good luck with whatever you decide!

  9. Unfortunately I am not one of the lucky ones to be able to keep alpacas but I can certainly see why you would want to. Look at his wee face. I think the only way to persuade your hubby is to print out that photo and stick it everywhere! Im talking about when he opens the fridge theres the alpacas....in the knife draw, the snack cupboard, on the tv remote, in the bathroom, on the tv, in his slippers, in the pocket of his favourite jumper.....I would have that adorable wee face everywhere and when he thinks he has found every photo and is heading to bed for an alpaca free sleep....he'd pull back the covers and theres another photo. And for good measure, when he snuggles his head down into his pillow and he hears the crinkle of paper....yip, you guessed it....alpaca photo under his pillow, heehee. I have a very twisted sense of humour but it does work....we have a beautiful cat that according to my hubby we would never have. LOL. Lee xx

  10. awww...how could you ever resist to such a face???? hope you can actually adopt a few of these lovely fluffy animals!

  11. What an adorable face!!!! I want one too lol
    Lana x

  12. I just love that piccy. He is so cute. And I love what CraftyLoops suggested. I may have to try that tactic sometimes !!! LOL

  13. I want to keep Alpacas too after meeting some when treking in Peru. We are hoping to move in a couple of years to Wales and buy a house with some land for chickens and Alpacas :). My research tells me not to buy a male, except gelding - and if you want to breed then take your female to stud. Also try and buy a female with a baby female, you need a minimum of 3 Alpacas. I am sure you already know all this. Hope you manage to talk hubbie round
    Sue xx

  14. With a face as cute as that and wool that is gorgeous to wear I might be tempted. He's just soooo cute. xx

  15. Ho my, that face is adorable, and I am sure the boys would love to chase them around :) Have you shown hubby that picture, that should be the only convincing he needs, LOL!!

  16. AWWWWWWWW !!!!!!!!! what a cutie. I'm a huge fan of the alpacas, and I think you should give it a go ;o)
    Can't wait to hear what you decide :o)
    Hugs Laila

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  17. Awwww.... so adorable!!
    Had to laugh at CraftyLoops' comment :)
    I don't know much about alpacas but I've heard they prefer company so you need a couple at least ;) Good luck with whatever you decide.

  18. Hi Kylie, they sure look cute don't they?! But I live in the Netherlands which is a small country with very little space, so keeping Alpaca's here is out of the question haha!! Please keep us posted. Hugs, Frea

  19. Hi Kylie,

    One of my best friends is having alcapas..and she also breed them.
    She lives in Georgia USA.
    If you hav questions .. i can send you her facebook page.. or email.
    Let me know
    love Priscilla

  20. soooo cute, I am sure your hubby wouldn't be able to resist, just take him along and happen to stumble upon some that need adopting!
    have a great weekend,
    happy crafting, Debxx

  21. I don't know a thing about these guys....but this one is ADORABLE! Go for it. lol

  22. OMG I can see why you'd want to keep them - that is the cutest little face ever!! hugs, Jane xxx

  23. Ah, they look so cute, just like big toys! The only way I know them is from McLeod's Daughters ;-) where they are Tess' animals... Very nice tv serie too! But I can't help you further hun.
    Good luck!
    Hugs Ing


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