Funny Kids

Good morning everyone :)

I just wanted to share with you a cute photo I took of my boys this morning.  They have lined all of my kitchen chairs up to create a bus, lol. Oh, they make me laugh. Of course, Mummy then had to "drive the bus", lol, and was instructed to go to "Poppy's farm" and then "Oma's house". So cute.

Lol, it looks like we even picked up a traffic cone in our travels. All of the chair cushions have been flipped up because my little guy can't get up on the chair with them down, he's still a little bit too short.

Anyway, I'll be back a bit later on with a card to show you :) I just had to share with you my Mummy Moment.

Thanks for having a look at my kids.
Hugs xx


  1. Too adorable! As a mom of a boy (now 23), I was always amazed at the creative and unusual ways he came up with to entertain himself.....thanks so much for sharing; brings back precious memories!

  2. Naaaaw that is SUPER cute! I want a photo of you driving hehe!


  3. That is too cute! I have 3 boys and 1 baby girl and oh the differences between them! DD is only 22mo and is already all about singing and dancing nothing like my boys were at the same age. TFS!

  4. Aaaaw how cute - I think a VIDEO of you driving while singing "The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round" is in order though - LOL

  5. Awe! How cute are those babies!!!! Very imaginative! haha!
    Hugs, Dena

  6. Hahahha I was going to say did you sing the Wheels on the bus go round and round.... ahahah that is gold!! I like the traffice cone hehehhehehehe
    Lots of Hugs

  7. Is it possible that your little boys are getting more and more adorable. Gorgeous shot Kylie. One you'll treasure for ever. Hugs xo

  8. I love the imaginations and creativity of children. Thanks for making me smile. Your sons are adorable!

  9. Such little cuties. I love kids imaginations, and love playing with them too...ok I dont get up off the floor as quick as I did,LOL but I still do it.
    Luv CHRISSYxx

  10. Ah, that is so cute!!! Don't you just love the things they think of (and make you do LOL!) Your house looks gorgeous too! hugs,Jane x


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