Embellish your embellishments!!

Hi everyone! It is my day to share something interesting with you all for Mad for Markers!

Today I would like to show you how to embellish your embellishments with Copics. I wish I had known about this earlier, I have so much STUFF and in a rainbow of different colours, and had I known I could "Copic them" I would have one cupboard for my all white embellies and twice as many Copics!!

The list of things you can colour with Copics is endless. So long as they are not pre-dyed you can Copic them. If they are pre-dyed you may still be able to colour over the preexisting colour, but I would be hesitant as this existing colour may just melt with the alcohol in the markerand ruin the tip, so I stick to white, non-coloured items.

Below you can see a few different things laid out ready to customise - rhinestones, lace, ribbon, mulberry flowers, pearls.... the list is really endless. You can colour vellum, acetate and also shrink plastic! I have coloured white feathers before and that also worked quite well. It is best (as always) to have clean scratch paper under your work so you don't "wik" other colours onto your projects. And just like with different cardstocks, the colours show slightly differently on different surfaces.

I am using three different colours - RV 000, RV 21 and RV23

On these rhinestones I have used RV 23 so you can see the depth of colour you can achieve. Lighter colours work just as well, I just wanted to make sure you could see the result on the photos.

Next some nylon ribbon. I have used all three colours on this ribbon to get a bit more of a rainbow effect.

My favourite - flowers! See how you can use one marker to change a white flower into a pink one?

And you can use two markers to change it into a two tone flower. For this I first coloured the entire flower by touching the tip of RV000 to the flower I moved the marker around to soak the colour through the entire flower, then I used RV 21 and lightly touched it to the tips. If you find the colour too intense, just use your lighter colour again to dilute the intensity.

And now for the pearls! They give a nice result.

A silk hydranga also works well. I coloured the edges with RV 23, then did another row of RV 21 just inside that line, and then coloured the rest of the flower with RV000

Mesh ribbon is the easiest of laces/ribbons to alter - you just lightly brush your marker tip across the ribbon and it takes the colour. There is no effort at all required for this one!

And now for my fully co-ordinated PINK card!


  1. Love how easy it is to colour... well, everything basically!! Too bad I don't have any Copics, I bet a lot of people will find this handy though! Have a great week ♥

  2. This is fantastic Kylie. I haven't actually tried colouring small roses as yet. I will definitely give that one a go. Great tutorial. Have a great weekend lovely lady. hugs xo Jackie

  3. I really like your ideas Kylie.... Thanks for sharing them with us - thousands wouldn't!!! hehehe
    I'll have to give that one a try:-)

  4. AMAZING tutorial Kylie. You make it look so easy and your instructions are fantastic. I have coloured pearls and flowers before but not the others. I will definately try the mesh one, well you did say it was easy ;)

    Kylie xo (the other one)

  5. WOW, Kylie - this is wonderful - a really useful tutorial and I'm sure going to give it a go - especially love the flowers. TFS.

  6. Thanks for sharing hon, great ideas!
    Sue x

  7. Great tutorial Kylie - and love the nail colour too - not quite the same pink as your embellies though - LOL

  8. Fab tute Kylie - thanks for sharing!
    hugs x

    Oooooh and I'm liking the nail colour too!

  9. Kylie, great tutorial and your totally coordinated card is gorgeous along with your fabulous colouring of such a sweet Teddy. Have a great weekend. hugs Jodie from Oz


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