10 February 2010

Happy Blog Award!

I've been awarded a blog award! Thanks so much to Sam (Yet Another Card Blog)! I love it when my new blog friends think of me :) It is so nice that we all live in different places across the world and yet we are all connected by this amazing WWW and crafting community!

So on to the business of listing things that make me happy... (in no particular order and trying to list different things to last time....)
  • When my kids laugh (ok, that is a No. 1)
  • Long weekends!
  • Sunny days
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • When my kiddies play together (even though they are so little they still give each other toys, awwwwww.....)
  • Being able to sit at my craft desk for hours at a time
  • When my hubby does random acts of kindness (yes, it is noticed and very much appreciated! Thanks so much J).
  • Comments on my blog! Thanks girls!
  • Being a part of this amazing crafty blog world :)

Now... to pass this on to some friends:

Naomi (my sister) at Crafty Naomi

Queenie and

Zoe at Make it Crafty

Have a great day everyone!

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