06 November 2009

Gorgeous Giraffes!

Aren't these guys lovely!

I just wanted to share them with anyone who passes by, even though I didn't make them myself. I wish I were so talented! I am afraid the patience required for such a project is certainly not possessed by me.

My wonderful mother-in-law actually PAINTED these lovely giraffes, can you believe it? They are height charts for my two boys, Jarred and Aiden. We are supposed to mark the boys heights on those meticulously painted darlings as they grow - I don't know if I can do that! The detail and effort Oma has gone to is just amazing. Something my boys are sure to cherish when they are adults.


  1. These are great! She did an awsome job - painting is not something I'm any good at. I love them

  2. Me again... there's a blog award going around and I'm passing it onto you. You can find my post here. Just save the image and copy and paste your own answers onto your blog when you have the time.


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