25 November 2009

Christmas Stockings

Hello! Something different today - I have been at my sewing machine! Yay! Or so I thought until I began sewing. I am way out of practice. Maybe it was just not my day to sew? Who knows. Anyway, I made this first Christmas stocking last year for my "big" boy, Jarred, he is 18 months old. It is just a panel I bought at Spotlight, cut out, quilted and assembled. It is quilted by hand and let me tell you - it took me ages to finish it. It is pretty big, about 70cm long. We have some cute photos from Christmas Day last year with him in the stocking.

So when it came time to make another one for my "little" boy, Aiden (4.5 months), my mum bought me a "walking foot" for my sewing machine - they are supposed to make machine quilting fun. HA! I gave up very quickly. I am guessing that the walking foot is for straight quilting - not going around seriously tight bends. I lost my patience. I ended up and assembling the stocking without quilting it! It really didn't help that my sewing machine was playing up and chewing thread. And of course, the phone kept ringing! Anyway, it is done. One day I will get them both out and embellish them with bells, beads, buttons and ribbons etc to make them really something special, until then, my boys are still too little to even know what they are. They are really only for Mummy :)


  1. this is gorgeous, I luv sewing, I do alot of it on my cards...I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    enjoy *~*

  2. wow Kylie these are fantastic, your so a brilliant stitcher...thanks for joining in with my candy and good luck
    Mina xxx


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