One Word - LOVE (and many other words from me on that very topic)

Yep friends, it is time for another Magnolia Down Under Challenge and this week the challenge is one word sentiments. I chose to make my card in the shape of the word LOVE... for a couple of reasons actually :o)

The first reason for my card is my in-law's 40th Wedding Anniversary which is on Tuesday, Valentines Day. Forty years is an amazing achievement in these modern times. My parents will be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary in June as well and I am so proud that each set of parents are still happily married after such a long time. It just goes to show - it is possible to get through the hard times and build strength in your relationship rather than let it fall apart. 

To make my card I used my Cricut and a program called "Sure Cuts a Lot". This is a great program as you don't need to have any particular cartridge for the shapes, it uses the font on your computer and svg files. I love it. It gives me more freedom with my beloved Cricut. 

The adorable stamp is from Wedding Collection 2010 and all of the amazing flowers are from Wild Orchid Crafts.

The card has a little pocket on the back which houses the tag for the message. I needed to create this as I didnt want to write on the inside of the card as it would be seen from the front. 

Just another angle and a close up :)

So there is my card. 

I just wanted to monologue here for a few minutes so please indulge me.

When I started blogging a few years ago, I was amazed by the wonderful and supportive people out there in blog land. It was a lovely safe place for crafters and it gave me an outlet from the reality of being a mother and housewife. 
Recently however this seems to have changed. 
There are still the gorgeous people out there and I hope they will always be there. But there also seems to be a wave of bitterness at the moment which, fingers crossed, will pass very quickly.
What happened to old fashioned values? 
Whatever happened to 'if you can't say something nice, don't say it at all"?
Why is there so much jealousy and swiping? Why can't we all just GET ALONG.
We try and teach our children these values, yet we don't value them ourselves. 
Is it because we're hiding behind the safety of our computers that we think we can just say what we want without worrying about the consequences?
There are real people on the other side of that computer screen so please lets try and remember that!
I have no doubt that if we came face to face, a lot of these things would not be said.
It is Cyber Bullying! 

So please, lets remember WHY we all started blogging and crafting in the first place and remember that warm fuzzy feeling we used to get when we received a compliment on our cards. 

We are not here to ruin someone else's day but to support each other and share our love of crafting. 

Please think before you type. 
and remember to 

Have a terrific weekend,
biggest hugs from me. 


  1. What can I say? Goooooooooooooorgeous!! I love how you color their faces too ♥

  2. I am speakless................................................

  3. Oh Kylie your card is amazing,simply gorgeous. I have the first cricut machine but never use it. It must be great to link it up with the computer xx Imagine what you can do
    It my anniversary too on Monday xx
    Love's what makes the world go round xxx
    Hugs Debbie xxx

  4. Fantastic card Hunni and your message at tge end of your post is spot on. Let's hope our crafting world returns to harmony soon. Xox

  5. Hi hunnie,
    First... your project is gorgeous. The word "card" does not satisfy here ;-)
    And second... I'm very worried that the monologue you wrote was about yourself and not about just being helpfull for other people that are hurt... I feel bad for you, that you had to write this. I agree, it should not be necessary cause I also know the craft world as a nice and positive world. Yesterday I read a really nice phrase in a magazine: a drop of love is more than an ocean mind (Blaise Pascal) I hope I translated that correct. The people that don't behave themselve on the internet should know that when they say nasty things about other people, it says more about themself than about the other people...
    Big hugs,
    Ing xx

  6. I for sure LOVE to visit your blog and see all the stunning work you make.
    This one is so beautiful. LOVE it a lot. Perfect coloured and so lovely decorated.
    Congrats to your in laws.
    Hugs Sinikka

  7. Absolutely, totally gorgeous as always - AND the message it and you send it just soooo important. And Thanx to Ingrid too for her invaluable words. LOVE YA sweetie - you are one of the most caring and generous people I know - in cyberspace AND in the REAL world!

  8. everytime I stop by your blog - something has changed :) love the new header! this card is gorgeous, and well deserving. My parents and in-laws have been married 37 & 38 years respectively... I think it's inspiring :)
    lets hope the recent crazyness is OVER :) Have a great Sunday xx

  9. You have really made a gorgeous card: I LOVE it....
    I do agree with your words/message. I hope from now on, everyone will think before they type. It's such a little effort.
    Enjoy your sunday!

    groetjes, Ellen

  10. Amazing card sweetie! 40 years, that's surely a great achievement! And your card definitely meets the high standards of such an event! Every time I come by I'm more and more amazed at how talented you are. You always come with the cleverest ideas! This one is just wow!!!!
    I'm so sorry to hear about this wave of bitterness in our blogging world. I've never thought of that; I'm so sad to hear:( I couldn't imagine any of my friends saying something bad about my cards, even when they are not very What can I say about yours then, which are all just fabulous?
    I spend little time blogging and I'm not the best of friends from lack of time but definitely when I visit someone it is because I want to be there and say something nice; it doesn't make any sense being jealous or saying something bad. Maybe sometimes is the language barrier; it's hard to express yourself properly when you're not a native speaker and maybe sometimes you get misunderstood. Oh, I'm starting to monologue myself It's just such a sad matter you pointed here, don't be bitter sweetie there are so many wonderful people out there who just love your work. Even that jealousy you're talking about it's not that bad; it means people appreciate your work in a different way:)Maybe it;s just plain envy because your work is so beautiful:)
    It's 3 in th emorning here so don't mind my ramblings hun;) I just wanted to make you feel better and let you know your card is fantastic and your in-laws will love and cherish it forever!
    Big hugs sending to you all the way from Romania:)

  11. Hi Kylie, I absolutely LOVE your new creation - it is so inspiring. I really like the idea of the letters in the front (combined with the heart and the lovely image) and the hidden tag for the message in the back. And yes 40 years being married is an awesome achievement! Now onto your message - it makes me thoughtful and also sad. I can't believe this is happening to you. Sometimes I wish there would be more comments on my blog but by reading your words about the jealousy and swiping I'm not sure about it. What a crazy world - I always thought leaving a comment on someone's blog is for appreciating the work of others and to give them something back for sharing their artwork with us. And in my case a lovely comment always makes my day. I totally agree with you that everyone has to remember that we are all real people with feelings that shouldn't be hurt. Let's share what we love and come along in harmony! And it's so easy to say something nice, especially to someone who really deserves it, just like you Kylie! I hope you feel a little better with the encouraging words of your blog friends. Although my English isn't perfect, I hope you'll understand what I wanted to say. Big big hugs from frosty Switzerland, Anja

  12. Hi Kylie,

    Beautiful project, which has so much detail. I am sure they will love it.

    I am sorry to hear someone hasn't been nice! People shouldn't say anything if they can't be nice.

    Love Kerry xxx

  13. Yes, indeed, some of us are survivors.....I will be married 46 years!!!!!
    Your creation is absolutely AMAZING....your in-laws will treasure this work of art and heart!!!!

  14. What a wonderful card Kylie.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  15. I love this! Your coloring is brilliant! And such gorgeous always!

  16. OMG hunni this is absolutely incredible!! I love it! the whole design/papers/embellies - everything is just gorgeous! Congratulations to your in laws - 40 years wow!! Well said on your monologue! couldn't agree more! big hugs! Jane xxx


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